Alright so today I want to talk about making money as a photographer. And the reason why is that I got a few DMs on Instagram where people asked me how to get started so they can buy new equipment.

So yeah there are plenty of opportunities that you can use to earn some money with photography and the first tip that I can give you is an obvious one. And this one is


Thats the most basic thing that you can do. Someone needs photos and you take them. Like Weddings, Portraits, Social Media Content and all kind of stuff like that. In this case I highly recommend to get started with your favorite genre. So if it is Car Photography do that. If it is Social Media Content set your focus on that.

And the reason why you should do that is: You are good at it! + You can deliver a certain quality. And you definitely want to deliver the best possible quality to show that your work is really good. Otherwise people won’t hire you anymore if your photos aren’t good enough. So you have to be sure that your work is actually good if you want to make some money here. 

But of course if you are just starting out there aren’t 500 people who want to hire you so you have to be active here. If you know someone who might need some help… just ask. Or go straight to a car dealership and ask them if they need some new photos to sell their cars. I know thats by far not the easiest way but it is never easy to get started and you have to work a lot and you will hear a lot of nos. But if you really want to do it then just get out there and get started. Actually tell everyone that they can hire you if they need some photos because you never know who might need some help here.

Prints / Stock Photography

The second option is the toughest and hardest one to make some money if you are just starting out but in contrast it is something that you can set up really quickly. And here I’m talking about Prints and Stock Photography. 

So in this case – if you sell prints – you can easily use a Print on Demand service and whenever someone bought a print you get a commission for that sale. The good aspect here is you only have to provide the image online and the rest is up to the Print-on-demand service. But the downside is that there are a lot of good images already out there so you actually need good photos and you need some good marketing. Otherwise no one will get in contact with your work so you have to share your work everywhere to increase the chance that people buy your prints. But it is possible to make some money by selling prints.

Stock Photography is way easier but its the same here. There are a lot of good photos already out there. But again it’s not impossible to make some money. What I highly recommend is to check out the Newsletter of these Stock services. They actually send you some tips and tricks so you know what kind of photos they currently need in the next couple of weeks. So you can always try to provide these images to increase the chance that you make some money on these platforms. On top just upload your regular footage as well because you never know. Everything can make some money in this case. 

Social Media (Instagram, YouTube, Blog)

I highly recommend to be active on Social media sites and you should try to monetize them. So as an example on Youtube you can use AdSense or if you have a BLOG you can use AffiliateLinks to earn money. There are plenty of opportunities out there that you can use to monetize your content. The best way is to just combine all these things because that will actually help you to make a little bit of money online from day one. 

In my opinion especially YouTube, Instagram and a Blog are perfect ways to share your work as a photographer in general and you can even use it as a portfolio page for clients. So even if you don’t make any money on these platforms I highly recommend to use them because they make things way much easier and they allow you to let people check out your work for free.

So if you are just starting out maybe try to use these 3 ways to make some money with photography. In my opinion these are the best options that you can use as a beginner photographer and if you actually put in the work they can help you to grow your photography business as well.

Stay Frosty!



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