Alright so in case if you watch my Photography Sessions you will notice that I shifted from a heavily Aperture Priority to a more flexible setup. And don’t get me wrong here I definitely need to say that I still like to shoot at 1.8 or 2.8 to get this really nice bokeh in my images but my overall way of taking photos changed a little bit and that’s why I want to talk about why I don’t focus on the Aperture Priority that much anymore. 

Basically shooting in the Aperture Priority Mode is great especially if you know that you just want to have a nice bokeh or if you don’t have to care that much about the Shutter Speed while taking photos. In these cases this mode is awesome and you always know that you definitely get the results that you want to have. 

But if you just stick to these settings it can lead to some bad problems like blurry images because of the wrong shutter speed. And of course sometimes you simply don’t have that much light and if the shutter speed is too slow you won’t get this freeze motion effect and that leads to a blurry image. 

To avoid blurry images a common rule is to use at least a shutter speed that is over your focal length. So as an example if you use a 35mm lens you should use at least 40. But if you use a telephoto lens like a 70-200 you will notice that the shutter speed can go quickly below this basic rule if you shoot aperture priority which can cause a few problems while taking pictures if you don’t care about the shutter speed. 

And on top if you take photos of moving things you need to use a way faster shutter speed to freeze this motion because otherwise your photo will be blurry. So thats why Aperture Priority isn’t always the best choice.

So if you use the Aperture Priority I highly recommend to set up a minimum shutter speed because in this case the camera won’t go below this. So if you can use such a feature you won’t have the problem that the camera decides to use a slow shutter speed in cases where you definitely need a fast shutter speed.

But what I personally noticed is that I had to double check my settings a lot whenever I took photos with Aperture Priority and exactly thats why I don’t use any priority anymore at all. For me in general it is way easier to adjust the Aperture ISO and Shutter Speed on my own to actually get the results that I want to have. And especially after some time you will notice what kind of settings are great to get certain results in all kind of situations. And I think thats way better if you don’t rely on those decisions from your camera. 

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