Alright so today I took a couple of photos and I was thinking about the time as I started taking photos with my iPhone and later on with the good old Canon 80D. And that’s why I want to talk about the best advice that I heard as I started that you can use to improve your own photography as well.

I know especially on YouTube everyone is talking about gear… so cameras, lenses, accessories and all kind of stuff like that and yes at a certain level gear actually does matter to get the best results. But today I don’t want to talk about gear.

If you are interested in a gear talk check out this video right here. This one is all about why gear actually matters.

Today we will talk about the mindset that you need when you are out there and in this case you obviously just need to follow 2 simple steps.

First: You need to have an idea. 

Second: You need to try to get the shot.

That is the baseline if you want to take photos. It is not about gear, it’s just about what you want to do. And I already mentioned in my last videos that a basic photo idea is the most fundamental thing that you need to have… but what does the actually mean? 

Of course you can sit down and brainstorm all kind of photo ideas including the look, the setting, the gear that you need and all kind of stuff like that. But in my opinion it is way better if you say “Okay I want to take a couple of Sunset camera shots” and then you go out there and be a little bit creative while taking these photos. 

As I started taking photos everyone was talking about “You need to have a plan, you need to tell a story, you need the perfect lens for that” and so on and so on and so on. But actually the best tip that I can give you is to not set the focus on fully planning your shot. 

Instead I highly recommend to develop ideas when you are out there. So for example I want to take some dark and moody close ups then this is my photo idea and when I’m out there I try to figure out how to get the result that I need. And the reason why I only use this baseline for photo ideas is because I mostly change things up while taking photos to improve the result. For example maybe the angle isn’t the best. In this case I have to change that. Or maybe the location just won’t fit. 

In the end if you have too many details for your photo idea on your list you simply limit your creative work while taking the photo or you just wasted a lot of time because you have to change things up because something isn’t working as planned. 

So if you are just starting out set your focus on actually taking photos. It is way better to have a basic photo idea to get started and then figure out how to get the best shot instead of wasting your time to plan all kind of things. No one cares if your photo doesn’t tell a million stories. The only thing that matters is if you actually enjoy what you do. And in my opinion the best photos that are out there aren’t planned shots it is just the right timing. 

Stay Frosty!



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