Alright so let’s quickly talk about gear and why the phrase “Gear doesn’t matter” is misleading.

So if someone talks about the topic “gear doesn’t matter” it is most likely that they used some high end gear to create the content. And the truth is: If you want to have a certain quality – for your photos or videos as an example – you need to invest money to upgrade your equipment because obviously there is a difference between cheap and expensive gear. Otherwise everyone would buy a 100 dollar camera for their next cinema movie and thats it. 

And especially in the photo and video area good cameras and mostly lenses are the way to go to improve the basic image quality. So yeah gear actually does matter. 

But in contrast gear doesn’t matter when it comes to creativity, experience and knowledge. And that’s why you can see those differences in these “Pro vs Beginner” videos on YouTube because obviously the “Pro” knows how to use a camera in a certain way to get the best shots and a “Beginner” obviously don’t know how to use a a big freaking RED cinema camera.

Or another example would be that a “Pro” knows how to use the software to get better colors in the post production. A “Beginner” obviously can’t compete in this situation because if you are just starting out you probably will make a lot of mistakes.  And in this case gear actually doesn’t matter UNTIL you reach a certain point where you have to spend money on better equipment so you can get your work done and improve your own work. 

But what does that mean? Should you buy a Canon R5 if you are just starting out?

No. Because you need to learn all the basics first and you can do that with an entry level DSLR. Just buy a used camera kit with a lens and get started. In this case you don’t need to have the best gear because it is way more important to focus on experience first. I started with my iPhone and later on I bought my first camera (The Canon 80D). I didn’t had the R5 as I started and you don’t need that if you are just starting out.

So as soon as you notice that the gear is holding you back the fact gear doesn’t matter turns into gear does matter because you need to invest in better gear to gain more experience and to improve your own work. 

So if someone tells you that you don’t need an expensive camera to create some good footage that is true as long as you know what you need to do and if the gear can actually handle that. But if you need a specific look or settings or codecs you obviously need to invest more money to get access to these features. 

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