Alright so in the last couple of days I was thinking about the early days when I started with photography and how everything changed and improved over time. But especially in these days everyone is talking about these big expensive cameras… I mean everyone is switching from Canon to Sony and from Sony to Canon as soon as there is a new hyped camera but actually no one can spend that much money all the time just to have all these high class cameras and lenses in their shelf. 

So thats why I thought let’s talk about stuff that I used as I started with photography and stuff that I still use today because these are those purchases that were actually really good and maybe this can help you to find the right gear as well.

And today we will start with one lens that I used 90% of the time for all kind of things. And to be honest here next to my kit lens that was actually the first lens that I bought for my Canon 80D back then and until today I still like to use it.

And this is the Canon EF 50mm 1.8. Back then I had no clue what kind of lenses I need or should buy and on one day I checked Amazon and this lens was on sale for I think 90 euro. So I bought it to check it out and I still use it today from time to time because it’s an incredible lens for everyone who wants to get started without spending thousands of bucks for lenses. 

So if you are just starting out check out this lens I highly recommend it. 
Canon EF 50mm 1.8: *

Of course this is a plastic lens. I mean yeah 90 bucks so it needs to be a plastic lens but at least it got a metal mount – so thank you Canon for doing that. Another really important aspect we need to talk about is that if you put this lens on a Crop Sensor Camera this 50mm lens becomes a 75mm lens because of the Crop factor which is mostly around 1.5. This totally depends on the Camera brand! But on a full frame camera body this is a 50mm lens. And keep in your mind that this is a Canon EF lens so if you want to use it on a different mount – like the Sony mount – you need an adapter. Since I’m using the newest Canon RF mount I use the official one from Canon but for all kind of other camera brands out there there are a lot of different adapters that you can use. 

So yeah the Canon 50mm 1.8 is actually a really small lens and thats perfect because there is always enough space to put this lens in your camera bag or you can even put it in the pocket of your jacket. Its not a heavy lens so even if you need to shoot for a long period of time thats not a huge problem. I mean In contrast to that if you shoot with a 70-200 for a long period of time that can be a problem because its heavy and your overall setup gets bulkier. And to be honest here especially if you are just starting out you should care about taking a lot of photos to practice it and in this case a heavy bulky setup will make that way harder. 

So yeah what I absolutely love is hat this lens isn’t a huge / heavy lens and on top it’s a f1.8 lens which means it let’s a lot of light in. And that is really helpful in low light situations because you can use a faster shutter speed as an example. Or if you like this nice bokeh in your images that is absolutely not a huge problem too.

I even used this lens on a few client photo sessions so the image quality of this lens is absolutely great. But I definitely need to mention that the Focus Motor is loud. So if you want to record videos you need to keep that in your mind that it is most likely that you can hear the motor in your audio if you record it with a Rode Video Mic as an example.

But again this is just a 90 to 100 euro lens. So even if something happens and you drop the lens you can easily replace it because it’s not that expensive. I actually bought it a couple of months later after I got my first DSLR and I defiantly wish that I would have bought the 50mm on day one because I used it all the time. 

Stay Frosty!



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