Alright today I want to talk about a few mistakes that I did as a Photographer and how I solved them. I think it is really important to talk about these tips and tricks because they can actually help you to become a better photographer a little bit faster.



And the first tip is all about equipment.

Yes currently I use the Canon R5 and the EOS R to record my videos and to take my photos. And yes I always say that high quality equipment and especially high quality lenses are one of the most fundamental things you should invest in.

But these aren’t the cameras and lenses that I used to get started. And you don’t need that to get started as well. 

I definitely need to say that I always thought “Oh, if I would have this lens my images would be top notch.” or “This camera is the reason why my photos aren’t that good. If I would have camera X everything would be better.

But especially if you are just starting out such a camera like the R5 would be overkill and it won’t improve your work at all. Because the most important step as a beginner photographer is to figure out how to take good photos and what kind of photos you like to take. The high end equipment won’t help you to become a better photographer if you don’t know how to take good photos. 

Instead of wasting your time thinking about all these expensive cameras and lenses get out there and take photos. I started my iPhone a few years ago and after that I bought my first DSLR which was the 80D. 

So only as soon as I notice that I absolutely need different gear I make the upgrade and not just because there is a better camera out there. If you are just starting out buy an entry level DSLR and a good set of lenses and just get started. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollar to get a good camera that will help you to understand all those basics.


Another really important step is all about settings. A lot of beginner photographers always ask questions like “What kind of settings do you use to take this image?”. And yeah of course I can show you the settings that I used but in the end that won’t help you because each individual photo needs individual settings. So if you would just copy my settings it is most likely that your picture will be for example over or underexposed. So instead of checking all those settings from other photographers you actually need to make your own decisions to get good results. 

Auto Mode

And that is the perfect opportunity to talk about the next huge mistake and thats the auto mode. Yeah I know the auto mode is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about setting up your Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed but exactly that is the mistake. These settings define how your image will look like so if you just use the Auto Mode it is most likely that your image won’t be as good as it could be and on top the Auto Mode doesn’t know how your image should look like. It just tries to find good settings that might be okay to take an image but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get good results. 

So learning the basics and actually have full control is one of the most important steps. It’s not gear, software or all kind of stuff like that. In the end it’s the image that you took that defines if it’s a picture that you like or not.


The next tip is all about composition mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes every photographer makes when they are just starting out is to not actually move around. In most cases you just stand there and take an image and thats it. But maybe your composition would be better if you would take this photo low on the ground or from a different angle in general. I always try to find different angles just to see if another position would be better so don’t rush your photo session. 

Too many things in one photo.

And another really good tip is to not put too many things into one single image. I always recommend to set a focus on one key element and the next step is to try to let this key element stand out. So for example by adjusting my camera settings or maybe get closer or use a different angle. In the end if there are too many things in one image it is possible that the viewer don’t know what is actually the key element so always double check your images to see if your key element is actually the eye catching element in your image. Otherwise maybe try to improve your overall composition until you have found the sweet spot to take the image.

6 Photo Editing

But of course we need to talk about photo editing as well. And in this case it is fully up to you what you like and what you don’t like. So no one can tell you that your photos shouldn’t be black and white or maybe that your contrast is way too high. In the end it is your photo and your composition and your editing. If someone else says he would have done that in a different way… perfect thats fine, but this is your image and your style. So don’t be afraid to develop your own style because you shouldn’t be a basic copy of someone else. 

Okay so these are a few beginner photography mistakes and how to solve them.

Stay Frosty!



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