Alright so here is the Canon RF 24-105 F4 IS USM Review

Okay so the Canon RF 24-105 f4 was actually the first Kit-Lens for the R system and the RF mount. But in my opinion it is actually hard to use the term Kit lens in this case because in most cases you probably have a cheap lenses in your mind. 

Canon RF 24-105mm : *

But the RF 24-105 isn’t actually cheap and it is based in the profession line up of those RF lenses. I mean you have to spend currently 1200 euro if you want to buy this lens from Canon directly and yeah that is not cheap. In addition the RF 24-104 f4 – 7.1 would be my opinion a kit lens because it’s way cheaper. So definitely keep that in your mind that the term kit lens can be a little bit misleading. 

But is the 24-105 f4 actually worth it? 

Build Quality & Design

So all in all I definitely need to say that I really like the RF 24-105 design and build quality. First of course you have these typical switches for Auto and manual focus and the on-off switch for the stabilizer. But there is another switch which is a lock switch and this can be used to lock the zoom ring so it can’t accidentally change. I really like this switch but sadly it’s not possible to lock the lens in all kind of situations. You can only lock it at 24mm and thats it. In my opinion it would be even better if you could lock it in all kind of settings. But yeah that is just a small aspect here. But so far the build quality of this lens is just phenomenal. On top the weight of this lens is great too with just around 700gram it’s actually not too heavy so you can even work with such a setup over a long period of time. The only possible problem might be sand when you zoom in but that can be easily removed with something like compressed air. 

Next of course the zoom and focus rings feel smooth and it’s actually unlikely that you accidentally change the focus because of the small resistance. The third ring is the control ring that you can use for all kind of adjustments. I personally use it to adjust the ISO and thats phenomenal. Every time when I use my EF 70-200 I always try to find this ring to adjust the ISO until I notice that it’s not there so this additional ring is just amazing.

Another really small downside that I need to mention is the lens cap. It’s actually a little bit annoying that you can only put it on when you align it perfectly with the lens mount so switching between lenses can actually take some time.

But yeah. In the end you can expect a high professional standard build quality, a metal mount which is always great and there aren’t any huge downsides that I could mention right here except of this Lock switch feature and the lens cap. 

Image Quality

So let’s move on to the next topic which is the Image Quality. 

The Canon RF 24-105 is one of the most versatile lenses that you can use. Right now I mostly use this lens for all kind of wide angle stuff or if I need to be flexible. So if I don’t really know what I actually need to get some good results I mostly choose this lens because of the 24-105 range. 

But of course in some cases you will notice the f4 limitation. Especially in low light situations I noticed that a lot but in all kind of other situations I never had any issues.

So if you take a lot of low light photos with some fast shutter speed settings it is possible that you run into problems. I still got good results – so don’t get me wrong here – but I just need to mention that so you can decide if f4 might be a problem for you. But yeah if you need to take a variety of photos this lens is great and I used it for a lot of photo sessions to get the results that I needed. The overall image quality is fantastic I absolutely love this lens and I always have it in my camera bag. 

Taken with the 24-105 f4 (compressed image!)


Next let’s talk about video. If you want to record videos you can easily use the RF 24-105. I mean 24mm is awesome for some vlogging or wide angel shots in general and you still have the opportunity to zoom in up to 105mm for some time lapses as an example. Especially if you are just starting out such a lens is really great because if you don’t really know what kind of stuff you like to do you can simply check it out to see if you need to invest in a wide angel lens or maybe a zoom lens is the way to go. On the other hand you maybe want to be flexible… in this case this lens is perfect too because of the great range that you get here from 24 to 105. 

On top the focus is smooth and quiet as well. So you don’t have to worry about any sound issues or all kind of stuff like that. The 24-105 is an excellent choice for video recording.


So yeah the RF 24-105 f4 was actually one of the first lenses that Canon released for their new RF mount and still today I can highly recommend to check out this lens especially if you need a versatile lens.

The overall performance of this lens is just great. Of course it’s not perfect but as I already mentioned this lens is for a variety of photography genres so it simply can’t be perfect all the time. 

And even if you are a video shooter you can still buy this lens.

But If you are looking for such a lens I highly recommend to buy it as soon as there is a discount so you don’t have to pay the full price for it. 1200€ is a lot of money so definitely wait until there is the next cash back program to safe some money here.

In the end for all those beginner photographers out there who definitely want to start with the RF mount the RF 24-105 is a great choice and a good starting point to figure out in which direction you want to move on. 

But yeah all in all the RF 24-105 f4 is an excellent lens that will be used for a long period of time. 

Canon RF 24-105mm : *

Stay Frosty!



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