Alright so today let’s talk about a Must Have Photography App that I highly recommend to everyone who likes to take high quality photos even with their Smartphone. And yeah I use this App all the time whenever I don’t have my camera with me. And of course this video / Blogpost is not sponsored or anything like that. I simply like to use this app so just to mention that here really quickly that this is not sponsored.

But now let’s talk about the app.

So the App that I like to use is the official Lightroom App that you can download from your AppStore. Just type in Lightroom and it should come up.

The best part here is that this App is totally free so especially if you are a beginner photographer or if you just want to improve your mobile photography you can easily download this App without additional cost and get started.But now let’s talk about why I highly recommend this App. And here we need to talk about 2 major things.

Taking Photos
In most cases if you use your smartphone to take pictures you use the basic camera app but this App is mostly in auto mode that will make most of the decisions for you. So it sets up the Shutter Speed, ISO and Focus for you and you just have to press the button and that’s it. But if you are into photography you will notice that this is actually not a great idea because the Auto Mode just tries to find some good settings that might work but it simply won’t notice what you want to do. For example if you want to take some freeze motion photos it is most likely that your images won’t be sharp because the camera app doesn’t know that you need a fast shutter speed to take these images. So you definitely don’t want to rely on these decisions. In the end the final result will never be as good as it could be if you use the auto mode so it would be better to set up everything on your own. 

But of course I totally understand that the auto mode is super easy to use and you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff but if you have a great camera and you still use the auto mode you will miss a lot of great features and on top you won’t learn how to actually use your camera. If you use the manual mode instead you will have more control how the final result will look like and that is the key element if you want to get into photography.

Another big downside is that in most cases your basic auto mode will create jpeg files and if you want to edit your pictures this is the absolute worst case. Jpeg files contain less information to achieve a smaller file size – so they are compressed at lot. And that’s why I highly recommend to use RAW files because these files are the complete opposite. You can easily use them to make some high end edits and to get the results that you want to have.


And yes the App Lightroom actually allows to set up everything on your own. This App has a so called Pro Mode that gives you the option to set up all kind of things like ISO or Shutter Speed and you can select the RAW file output. So in the end this App actually makes it possible to get better results directly out of your phone and you can actually learn all the basics before you buy your first DSLR because you actually handle the smartphone like a DSLR. So in the end it is way easier for you to get started because you can actually learn all the basics just with the smartphone in your pocket.

Whenever I’m out there and I can’t use my camera to take an image I simply use this App to get my results because I can still decide what kind of settings I need to take the photo and exactly thats what I want if I take a photo. So if you are looking for a great camera app definitely check out Lightroom.

But now let’s talk about the second reason why I highly recommend this App. And this reason is all about editing.

So as I already mentioned you can actually take RAW images with this App and these files are way better for the post production. And the good aspect here is that the App is an Editor as well. So if you took an image you can easily switch to the editor tab and edit your photo.

There are all kind of possible sliders that you can use to get the result that you want to have and you can even create or install Presets that you can use to bulk edit your photos. 

So as an example if you don’t have a photo for Instagram you can easily take an image and then switch over to the editing tab, make all the adjustments, export it and publish it on Instagram. This App is actually really easy to use and it makes it possible to learn all the basics for the post production as well – so even for a beginner I can still recommend this app because you can play around with all these sliders in each category to actually know what happens if you use them.

And by the way If you are interested in how to edit a picture I will link a video which is a complete breakdown on how I create a new style for picture editing. 

Picture Editing Breakdown:

But yeah in the end this App is everything that you need to take some high quality photos and it is perfect for the post production if you can’t use your computer. It’s a great all in one solution in these cases and I always use it to take & edit pictures with my phone. And exactly thats why I highly recommend to check out this App.

Stay Frosty!



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